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The Innovation In Politics Awards support the goal to improve politics in Europe. Politicians can participate regardless of party affiliation and regional level. Help us recognise and award those who have the courage to break new ground, who are creative and achieve real results. We will present their best projects, so that they may serve as inspiration to others.

Your job as juror

Score approximately 15-20 projects online based on the information provided.

Evaluate your projects between at your own pace at the End of August

Award points based on the fulfillment of 5 criteria

All details, and scoring, via our secure online platform

You can register for the jury 2020 as of now. The deadline for registration will be in August 2020

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your rewards

  • Your main reward is to be a member of a very selective group contributing decisively to improving politics in Europe.

    However, in addition there is this:
  • 10 of our participating jurors over 18 years will have the chance to be invited to the gala awards ceremony. (We apologize to younger jurors - this is a legal requirement.)

  • All jurors will receive a personal certificate, stating their participation in the jury

  • Jurors will remain anonymous, to avoid lobbying by third parties

You may apply for jury membership if you meet the following conditions:


You are at least 16 years old at the time of jury voting (born before august 2004)


All project descriptions are provided in English. Therefore, you should be able to read and understand English very well.


You live in a member country of the council of Europe.


You strive for fairness and think non-partisan.


You share our common European values, like human rights, social balance, prosperity and democracy.