Nominate a Project
Nominate a project

These awards are presented by the people of Europe. So, we depend on your contribution to find as many exemplary projects as we can..

Your nomination brings a project to our attention. Anyone can do this. After receiving a nomination, we contact the politician responsible for the project and invite him or her to officially submit it to the awards competition.
You can - and should - nominate a project you know of in a member country of the council of Europe. We invite you to nominate it and will be grateful for your contribution!

Please note:


We are looking for innovative political projects, not actual inventions. A project should be groundbreaking in its own environment – regardless of whether it might be considered ordinary elsewhere.


The deadline for the project nominations is 15. July 2020


And of course, nominating a project is free of charge.

Nominate a project now!

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The name of the politician responsible (if you know them)

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Please select a category of The Innovation in Politics Awards in which you would like to nominate the project.

You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your nomination. we will then invite the politician responsible for the project to submit it.